Life Insurance

Life Insurance

One of life’s realities, is the possibility of premature death, leaving financial responsibilities for the loved ones left behind.

There is a solution…. life insurance. Life insurance can create an immediate cash fund for loved ones. So, even if death is premature, financial security for your family is possible.

Types Of Life Insurance Available


Term Insurance: provides coverage for a specified period of time such as 10, 20 or 30 years. It is designed to protect short-term needs such as debt obligations, mortgages or protection while children are young. Typically, term insurance does not provide cash value. The following term products may fit your needs.

10, 20 and 30 Year Level Term Insurance:

These programs provide level death benefits for either 10, 20 or 30 years. They can include a guaranteed premium and renewal benefit at the policyholder’s option.


Permanent Insurance: is designed to provide life-long coverage with benefits and features usually not available with term life insurance policies. Cash value is available for emergencies, family members can be included and coverage premium payments generally remain level.
Universal Life Insurance:  provides immediate cash value, flexible premium payment plans, tax deferred savings and guaranteed death benefits.

Whole Life Insurance: provides level death benefit protection with level premiums and guaranteed cash values.
Final Expense Life Insurance: This plan offers guaranteed premiums, death benefit protection and cash values to age 110 for insureds age 50-80. Provides coverage for final expenses, such as medical and hospital expenses, outstanding debts and funeral costs. Easy-to-complete short form application with minimal underwriting requirements.
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